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iPhone Repair

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iPhone Repair London Ontario

iPhone Repair

It should go without saying, but a problem can easily be made worse by letting a novice handle it. iPhone repair is a delicate process.

You’ll find that London Cell Phone Repair is one of the most trustworthy and reliable ways to get your iPhone repaired in the shortest amount of time possible. We can fix any problem that you have with your iPhone at an affordable price.

Not only are our prices more economical than what our competitors offer, we also offer service that simply blows them away.

Common iPhone Repair Procedures That We Handle

Broken screens, cracked back glass and non-functioning buttons are some of the more common problems that we get from our customers. Fortunately for them, we can replace any of their iPhone’s broken parts with premium quality parts using expert and state-of-the-art repair techniques.

You won’t see ugly nicks, marks, scratches or other scars on your iPhone after you’ve left it in our hands to repair. We know how to properly repair your technology so that it remains as beautiful as the day when you received it.

Sometimes it might even look better.

Below is a complete list of the common iPhone problems that we repair:

  • Diagnostic Service – Because we have a team filled with people that know what they’re doing, we can tell you what’s wrong with your iPhone. This is the part of our service where our customers are able to save the most money, as our diagnosis tends to be right on the first guess.
  • LCD/Digitizer Replacement – If there’s a problem with your display, then we can diagnose it, fix it and replace the problem part.
  • Back Glass Replacement – Does your iPhone have cracked or marred back glass? We can replace that too.
  • Screen Glass Replacement – Did your iPhone get dropped by accident and the screen display glass get cracked? Maybe you just have a number of scratches that make it impossible to really enjoy your phone. We can remedy that and do it at a fair price.
  • Battery Replacement – As iPhones age, they tend to lose their ability to last through the entire day on just one battery’s charge. If you think your iPhone has a battery that’s dying, bring it to us and we can replace it.
  • Home Button Replacement – Buttons on your iPhone wear out at a normal rate, but the one most liable to break is your phone’s home button. For our team of experts, this is an easy problem to fix.
  • Dock Connector Replacement – If a pin gets broken or something shorts out in your dock connector’s circuitry, then we can make it work like new again.
  • Speaker Replacement – Maybe your speakers just don’t sound as good as they did when your iPhone was brand new, or maybe they just don’t work anymore. Whatever the case, we can bring life back to your audio playback.